Flower Nails & Spa



  • Regular Manicure $25 (color lasts for 2 weeks with short nails) (30m)

    This manicure service provides intense hydration to fill in lines and wrinkles, leaving your hands looking youthful and more radiant. The package includes: nail trimming & shaping, cuticle grooming, sugar scrub, soothing massage.

  • Gel Manicure $40 (45m)
  • Builder Gel Manicure $45 (50m)
  • Dipping powder SNS $50+ (1h)
  • Dipping powder SNS extension $55+ (1.5h)
  • Dipping powder SNS French $55+ (1.5h)
  • Dipping powder ombre $65+ (1.5h)
  • T.A.P hybrid gel full set $60+ (1.5h)
  • T.A.P hybrid gel refill $45+ (1h)
  • T.A.P refill with acrylic $45+ (1h)
  • Hybrid gel $55+ (1h)
  • Gel X full set $65+ (1h)
  • Gel X refill $45+ (45m)
  • Design $10+
  • Acrylic removal $20
  • Gel removal $5
  • Dipping powder removal $5
  • Gel polish change $25
  • Regular polish change $15


Gel – $15 extra

All pedicure services include nail trimming, shaping, cuticle trimming, callus treatment and nail polish.

  • Basic Pedicure + Jelly Soak $38 (45m)

    This pedicure service provides primary, professional care for your toenails. It includes 5 minutes of soaking with jelly, massage with lotion, and hot towels.

  • Jelly Pedicure $60 (1h10m)

    Nothing is better than finishing your busy day by soaking your feet in jelly for 5-10 mins, followed by applying sugar scrub to wash away your tired feet and leave your skin smooth, then a foot mask and hot towels to release stress and sore muscles. Finished with lotion massage.

  • Dexl Pedicure $45 (55m)

    This is the classic pedicure upgraded with a scrub gel used to clear away dry skin, cooling gel and mask. Followed by extra massage leaving your feet soft and refreshed, finished with your favorite polish.

  • Milk & Honey $55 (1h15m)

    Milk & Honey consists of an abundance of Vitamin A & D to help revive the skin. Honey replenishes moisture while milk soothes and softens. Reveal silky soft skin by soaking your feet in a warm moisturizing aroma bath, followed by intensive milk & honey scrub, then wrapping with a milk & honey cream mask. Finally, a Milk & Honey lotion massage to help nourish, hydrate dry skin and ease soreness. (Includes: Hot towels)

  • Collagen Pedicure $65 (1h15m)

    This treatment rejuvenates the skin with collagen, helps nourish and moisturize your feet. It includes:
    • Pedicure bomb (CBD) or Bubble Crystals. Bubble and fizz help to detox.
    • Organic sugar scrub: exfoliates all skin types.
    • Hydrating collagen mask: rejuvenates the skin by deeply moisturizing with collagen.
    • Collagen gel: helps muscles to relax.
    • Collagen therapy massage lotion: rejuvenates and promotes silky, soft skin for more youthful appearance.
    • Healing oil
    • Hot towels
    • Hot paraffin

  • Hot Stone Pedicure $75 (1h30m)

    This treatment includes all steps of Collagen Pedicure with extra 15 minutes of hot stone massage

  • Pears Pedicure $60 (1h15m)

    This treatment rejuvenates the skin with collagen, helps to nourish and moisturize your feet. It includes:
    * Collagen crystals
    * Sugar cane scrub: massage for feet and legs
    * Collagen Cream Mask: applied evenly and wiped off any excess with damp towel, massaging the skin for relaxing muscles with a warm, soothing effect of relaxing gel
    * Collagen Massage Lotion: massaging feet and hands for silky soft skin and warm soothing sensation with a serum lotion

  • Volcano Pedicure $85 (1h5m)

    Choose your favorite scent:
    . Green tea
    . Spearmint
    . Honey suckle
    Relax and rejuvenate with our exclusive volcano pedicure, which helps repair cell damage, promotes new skin growth, and removes aches. It includes:
    • Volcano Pedicure Organic Detox Package: volcano crystals and activator, which release a fun, bubbling, and fizzing volcano eruption that blasts away dirt and impurities.
    • Organic sugar scrub: clears away dead skin and reveals newer, younger-looking skin
    • Collagen cream mask: cleans and tightens pores, as well as helps to nourish skin for more excellent elasticity.
    • Collagen massage lotion: moisturizes and replenishes skin for a beautiful, youthful glow with a silky soft finish with healing oil
    • 10 minutes of candle massage
    • Hot towels
    • Hot paraffin

  • Paraffin pedicure $45 (50m)

    This pedicure service provides primary, professional care for your toenails. It includes:
    • Massage with lotion
    • Hot towels
    • Hot paraffin


  • Eyelashes F/S Eyelashes Class $100+
  • F/S Classic Eyelashes $100+ (1h)
  • F/S Hybrid Eyelashes $145+ (1h30m)
  • F/S Eyelashes Volume $160+ (1h30m)
  • 2-week classic eyelash refill $60+
  • 2-week hybrid eyelashes and volume refill $70+
  • 3-week classic eyelash refill $65+
  • 3-week hybrid eyelashes and volume refill $75+


  • 1. Full Body Massage $70 (1h)

    Tuina, Swedish for relax and refresh

  • 2. Deep Tissue $70 (1h)

    Acupressure therapy for release tension

  • 3. Meridian Massage $70 (1h)

    Balance body energy by use map of meridian points

  • 4. Cupping $70 (1h)

    Detox, relieving pain, and getting positive energy

  • 5. Charka and Aura Massage $70 (1h)

    Using wand stones and bell sound

  • 6. Lymphatic Massage $70 (1h)

    Using cold information for detox

  • 7. Five Elements Massage $70 (1h)

    Using massage tool for healing & balance your energy

  • 8. Combo Basic Manicure, Pedicure and Massage $105 (2h10m)
  • 9. Combo Regular Manicure, Spa Pedicure and Massage $110 (2h30m)